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Kodo Millet - Fresh OriginsNames in Indian Languages:

  • Hindi: Kodra
  • Tamil: Varagu
  • Telugu: Arikelu
  • Kannada: Harka

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • High in protein content
  • Contains essential amino acids
  • Gluten-free, making it suitable for those with gluten intolerance
  • Presence of B vitamins, particularly niacin, B6, and folic acid
  • Source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc

Calorific Value:

Approximately 353 kcal per 100 grams


  • Ideal for making porridges, upmas, and khichdi, which are nutritious breakfast or lunch options
  • Can be ground into flour and used in baking or for making rotis and dosas
  • Puffed Kodo Millet serves as a healthy snack or can be incorporated into snack bars and granolas

Culinary Preparations:

  • Salads: Cooked millet can be tossed with vegetables and dressing
  • Side Dish: Flavored with herbs and spices to accompany main courses
  • Desserts: Used in puddings or mixed with fruits for a healthy sweet treat

Fresh Origins’ Kodo Millet is not just a culinary ingredient but a step towards embracing a lifestyle that values health, taste, and the environment. By choosing our Kodo Millet, you're enriching your diet and supporting the livelihood of local farmers who cultivate this nourishing grain with generations of knowledge and commitment.

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